JUUL, exceeding your experience in smoking

  • power: the latest in temperature control mechanism,always the best of the experience
  • Flavor: proprietary natural nicotine salt can be used,satisfaction of high level devices provide
  • Easy: No buttons, simple
  • Vapor: Liquid-to-wick system gives you the best vapinig experience


How do you use it?

it is easy to use. JUULpod (left photo) has everything.  Just take off the cap and put it in the device.  That's it!


JUUL body has the only 3 type of LED light.

  • green: battery remaining good
  • yellow:battery running low
  • red: battery needs charging

Charing is by USB (no AC included) . About 1 hour charge will make it full.  With one charge, depending on how much you vape, it should last 1-2 days.


Who made them?

Comany called PAX Labs, Inc..

PAX Labs, Inc. was founded by Stanford University graduates, who had passion to diminish paper cigarrettes.  It is a start up based in SF, CA.


What is the difference with other vapes?

How it works is the same.  You are vaping nicotine.  However, there is a big dfference.

  1. No maintenance, just change the JUULpod
  2. Super small, fits in any of your pocket

Using JUUL is a pure pleasure.  Try one now!